strategic website review

an indepth look at your website & a tactical plan for improvement

Your website is a crucial asset in your business, let's make sure it's performing well!

Your website has many jobs to do. Perform well for search engines, lead clients through a clear experience of learning about you, & look good doing it. But websites also need to be updates as the goal posts of those tasks & other move. I can help you figure out where to focus on improving your website.

Improving & updating your website can be a daunting task, but an outside perspective can help.

A careful walkthrough of your website can help us uncover places where clients may be getting tripped up, things that search engines may not like to see, and even shine a light on holes in your client experience. This feedback can be priceless in terms of helping you improve your website.

What does a Strategic Website Review include?

Brand Discovery

We will dive into your business & brand, with in depth and thoughtful questions. The more I understand you, what you create, and who your clients are, the more thorough the website review will be!

Video Walkthrough

Your review will include a video walkthrough of your website where you can see exactly what I am talking about every step of the way! You can refer back to this video any time.

Ask Your Questions

Prior to your review you will be able to ask me any questions you have or let me know any areas you want specific feedback on. A 20 minute post-review Q&A is also included!

in addition to a written summary of your review!

What does a Site Review cover?

Design & Flow: How your website feels to your audience is crucial. Does it look good? Are the colors working? Do the images load? These questions and so many more are what I am thinking about as I assess the feeling of your website.

Branding: Does your site reflect your brand's voice? Is your mission reflected? Are your values represented? How does your site show on the landscape of your industry?

Strategy & Structure: Using the information from your brand discovery, I will see how your site can perform better in these areas. Can your audience find the information that you want them to? Are they able to take the action you want them to take?

Speed & Search Factors: Does your website load quickly? How responsive is it? Can I tell what search terms you are wanting to come up for? Are you missing any foundational SEO factors?


Strategic Website Review

Your Website Review includes a video walkthrough, a written summary of the review, & a 20 minute follow up


I'm ready! What do I do next?

Reach out and let me know that you are ready to schedule your Strategic Website Review!