Recorded Facilitation Session Feedback

Thank you for filling out my feedback form! Please be honest and write as much as you'd like. My goal is to support you to the best of my abilities and your feedback will help me to do that.

I value your time and perspective so much! Thank you!

  • What was the most important part of the session for you? What is sticking with you as you reflect on the call?
  • I want to know what worked well for you so that I can continue to improve those things!
  • I want to know what I need to work on so I can continue to grow in this work!
  • This portion of the form is optional!

    Social proof & positive reviews are a great way for me to communicate how I can help others with coaching. If you had a great session and would recommend me to others, please consider writing me a few sentences in the box below.

  • If you aren’t sure how to start, imagine you are telling a friend about your experience.
  • Tell me anything and everything!
  • Thank you so much!

    I'm so grateful for your honest and thoughtful feedback!

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