brand & logo design

strategic branding to elevate your business's visual identity

Brand strategy is a roadmap that helps you navigate the visual expression of your business

A beautifully designed brand catches the eye, engages the viewer, and sets the tone for all your visuals. Cohesive branding visuals strengthen your brand, builds recognition with your audience, and sets you apart in the marketplace. A clearly defined brand enables you to communicate your values and mission in every facet of your business, leading to a seamless experience for your clients and audience.

I absolutely love helping you translate your mission, values, and that secret pinterest inspiration board into a cohesive branding strategy. My goal is to help you create beautiful branding that you can use to clearly connect with your audience, attract excited clients, and confidently curate your brand's visuals.

What does it cost?

Every brand design project begins with a custom quote, based on what you need in your unique business.

All brand design packages include include logo design & brand standards that includes colors, submarks, and typography choices. In additional to those visuals, clients receive a PDF brand style guide & all client quotes include a brand strategy session with me.

Additional designed items such as business cards, brochures, rack cards, ebooks, social media graphics, & more are available. It is also possible to add more strategy sessions to go over your marketing plan, your business model, and more.

Brand Design clients generally invest $750 - $1,250, depending on their unique needs.

Aesthetics matter!

One of the most important pieces of selecting a designer to work with on your brand visuals is that you are aesthetically compatible.

Essentially, do we have similar visual vibes?

These are the logos of brands I have helped build over the past few years and should give you a sense of if we are on the same visual page.

Do you offer a "just a logo" package?

I usually do not. The preparation for logo creation shares a lot of overlap with the preparation required for brand strategy, and I find it difficult to only create logos when we have so much of what we need to go further and deeper!

I love learning more about you, your clients, your business, and using that knowledge to create brand standards that clarify not only how your brand looks but also how it feels.

That said, if you already have your brand strategy, please let me know! We can work together to translate the work you have already done into visuals!

Do you do logo redesigns or brand refreshes?

I absolutely do!

Updating brands is such a blast, I love collaborating on this work with clients!

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