prep for your headshots

Let's get you ready for your branded headshot session!

I'm so excited for your branded headshot session!

Headshots are such a fun way to bring together your branding with your personality to create images for your business! I'm looking forward to creating these images with you!

Let's dive into the prep work for your session!

What makes it a branded headshots session?

Traditionally headshots are taken as utilitarian images. It's usually a photograph in a portrait orientation {taller than it is wide!}, a single expression, often times arms crossed, and with a neutral outfit & background. You've seen them all over the place!

Branded headshots aim to tweak that model just enough to give you a cohesive set of images that speak to your brand and your personality. The result are headshots that look and feel like you, so they connect more deeply with your audience.

The branding questions I have for you to consider will help you prepare for your session!

Branding Questions

Thinking about the answers to these questions will help you as you decide on where your session should be, what you should wear, etc. Translating these concepts into your session is what will make for connecting, on brand photograph!

What are your brand's colors? How can you incorporate these colors into your clothing or the location?

How do you want your clients to feel when they work with you & your business? This can help us determine the emotion we want to convey with your headshots.

Who is your audience, where do they hang out? This helps us determine where your headshot will be used and viewed most often.

Not sure how to translate your answers? Reach out! I'd love to help you.

Light & Location

Choosing your location is a really important piece of the session! We want to consider the setting, the feeling of the space, the details like furniture or landscaping, and, of course, the light!

Thinking about your brand, your audience, and how you want the images to feel, what location makes sense to you? Do you want to be indoors or outdoors? Do you want an urban setting or a nature scene? Do you want a clear and clean space or space with lots of visual details? A more neutral background or one with lots of color?

Outdoor Locations
If you'd like to photograph outside locations with structures & shade give us the most variety & flexibility.

If you are looking for a more natural backdrop (trees, stone, grass, etc), I love parks, creek spaces, etc. If you are looking for a more urban backdrop (concrete, windows, buildings, etc), I love downtown Denver, the DTC, and even libraries.

Indoor Locations
If you'd like to photograph inside your office or home, an area with lots of natural light is best. If your indoor location has limited natural light, we need enough space to set up some supplemental lights.

If you have a specific location you want to use, all we need to do is check to make sure we can freely photograph there, as some places require us to purchase a permit* and some places simply do not allow professional photography :o)

*Acquiring permits to photograph in special locations can take several business days and will be subject to additional fees. Please know that we will need to plan ahead if you wish to use a location that requires a permit.

Feel free to think outside the box for your location!

Do you have access to a special location that isn't open to the public?
Know someone with a spectacular house or backyard?
I'd love to hear your ideas for your session location!

What should I wear?

Considering your brand, your audience, how you want the images to feel, and also the location of your session, now it's time to decide on what to wear!

I encourage you to wear something that makes you feel confident & comfortable. Incorporating a color or two from your branding palette can also be a great way to make sure the photographs feel like your business.

It can also help to use your business attire as a guide, what would you wear to meet a client or to be interviewed about your work? If your business attire is casual, dress more casually! If it's usually dressier, get dressed to the nines!

Stick with solid colors or big, sparse patterns. Busy patterns can be distracting in photographs!

Don't forget your accessories! Jewelry & watches, shoes, etc.

Headshots do not include outfit changes, but a jacket or cardigan that you can take off between shots can provide more variety.

Many clients also choose to book an appointment with a make up artist to get their hair & make up done for the session.

How the session flows

Time: Headshot sessions usually only take 20-30 minutes, depending on how far we need to walk around your location for variation, if we need to set up lighting equipment, etc. If we are photographing outdoors it can been helpful to choose a backup time in case of weather.

We'll spend the first few minutes reviewing the details, checking out your location, etc. Then we'll dive right in and create the photographs!

You can expect your photos to be delivered within a week of the session! I will email a link to the password protected gallery that will be available for 30 days, plenty of time to choose your final images!*

I strongly encourage that you back up your headshots in at least two places before it expires :) While I never delete client files, I cannot guarantee always having access to your images.

*If you purchased all of the digitals, you'll be able to download all of the images immediately

Next Steps!

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