the family photography experience

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Hello, sweet family!

I am so glad you are planning on family photography! Life changes so fast, kids grow quickly, and capturing this sweet season is so important!

This is where you'll find information from when to schedule, how to prep, and what to bring to your session! This page is designed to answer most of the questions that families have when they reach out to me, so I hope it answers all of yours! :o)

After you've reviewed these details, I'd love to chat with you!
Video calls are my favorite way to connect before the session!

Choosing Your Session's Date & Time

As a natural light photographer, I can photograph a family session during any of the daylight hours. The light in the early morning or late afternoon to evening is the best light to work with if we are shooting outdoors. Photographing at those times will give us the best light to work with and the most flexibility in almost every location.

Depending on the time of year you are scheduling your session, our ideal start time will shift. When you book your session date we will select a start time based on the location & exact day we are photographing!

If we are shooting indoors, then it's about when you get the best light in the areas of the house you wish to photograph in! We'll want to video chat so I can see you space, or you can text me photos so we can see the light. Then we'll choose some time options based on when the indoor light is the best.

Though time and light matter, the most important factor in selecting a session time is when everyone your family is the most likely to be happy. Planning around naps and snacks means we are the most likely to have a successful session!

I generally book sessions Tuesdays through Saturdays, though we can find a time that works over the other two days of the week if that is best for you. I also like to book a backup day just in case we run into weather!

Choosing Your Session's Location

Locations are up to you! I shoot natural light so I prefer for us to be outdoors or indoors near large windows with lots of natural light. While we can photograph anywhere, these locations give us the prettiest light.

If you are wanting to photograph outdoors, I love locations that have meaning to you and your family. Perhaps a park, a lake, or a hike that everyone loves.

In home sessions, I love to photograph where the light is the prettiest, though we can of course photograph in the nursery, in the living room, or even cooking together in the kitchen.

If you have a specific location you want to use, all we need to do is check to make sure we can freely photograph there, as some places require us to purchase a permit or a pass and some places simply do not allow professional photography :o)

*Acquiring permits to photograph in special locations can take several business days and will be subject to additional fees. Please know that we will need to plan ahead if you wish to use a location that requires a permit.

Feel free to think outside the box for your location!

Do you have access to a special location that isn't open to the public?
Know someone with a spectacular house or backyard?
Want to wrap your session near a splash pad or playground?
I'd love to hear your ideas for your session location!

Clothing & Props

The outfits you wear are entirely up to you!

I think it's most important to pick outfits that represent your family's style, though thinking about your planned use for the photographs can help too. If you want to put a large print on your living room wall, choosing outfit colors that would fit the decor of that room would be a great move.

Your family does not need to match, though making sure that your outfits correspond can provide a really lovely effect. I do recommend being careful about heavy patterns on clothes as they can be distracting in photos.

Also, feel free to get your hair styled or your make up done for the session if you'd like to!

*I highly recommend bringing along a large blanket that goes with your outfits as it's a great prop to use for seated poses.

How the session flows

Time: The length of a session is flexible, it depends on how far we walk to find locations, how quickly we get into a comfortable rhythm, and how long your family will want to have their picture taken :) I've had family sessions that lasted 20 minutes, and sessions where we took the full hour.

I always plan to have two hours of my time to shoot just in case we run into weather, one or both of us are delayed arriving, or we are just having fun and want to keep going. I always suggest clients do the same :)

Who attends the session: If it is helpful to bring a friend or extended family member to help, please feel free. This can be especially helpful for grabbing images of just parents without little ones in the frame.

I do ask that we keep it to one support person so that we don't get distracted!

What if some of us are grumpy or shy?

A family photography session is about the authentic story of who your family is right here, right now. If that includes grumpiness or one of you feeling shy, that is just fine. I will never be shouting to anyone to look at me and smile. I am here to document you & your family, being exactly who you are.

After your session

You can expect your photos to be delivered within a week of the session! I will email a link to the gallery where you can order prints if you wish, or you can share with family.

If you purchase your digital files you get a pin number to download the files and you can share that information with whoever you wish. There is no limit on downloads.

The gallery will be up for 30 days, and I always recommend clients back up their photos in at least two places before it expires :)


The session fee is $400, that covers the shoot, editing, & five digital image files. This is due prior to your session.

I offer all the images from the session for $200 and you get both the full resolution size and a social media/email size that is ready to share. I also have an a la carte price list for individual digitals, prints, albums, canvases, print boxes, etc. I can send more complete pricing for anything you are interested in.

Clients often purchase the session & the digitals, then print on their own, which you are welcome to do if you wish. But I can also help facilitate ordering photographs if you'd like :) I order from a professional photography lab and their quality is incredible. They make photo boxes, albums, metal prints, and canvases, most of which I have samples of if you want to see those options :)

You can of course book the session and then decide what other information you are interested in. Many clients book just the session, and then once they have seen the gallery then they purchase the full gallery of digitals :)

Next Steps!

Let's chat via email about a date and location that will work for your family!
I look forward to hearing from you!