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tell the stories of your creative brand with authentic photographs that capture the heart & soul of your business

Photographs are an essential piece of your brand.

Images are the foundation of any advertising or promotional graphics, social media posts are dead in the water without images, and your website needs photographs to create a beautiful experience for your potential clients.

But sourcing all the images you need for your brand can be such an undertaking.

Taking photographs yourself takes time, using stock photos means your website or social media feed can end up looking just like your competitors, and gathering images from various places can keep your image strategy from feeling like a cohesive story.

What if you could have a library of unique images created just for your brand on hand to use for anything your business needed?

How would that change your website? How would that support your marketing strategy? What if we could create all of the images you need for several months of social media in one strategic session? How much time would you get back?

What if those images were strategically created to fit your business, your brand, & your goals for the year?

Images that are crafted specifically for your brand, with your marketing strategy, your goals, and the storytelling of your brand in mind. Photographs that specifically feature your creativity, your personality, and tell your story.

This is where I come in, I can be your personal brand photographer!

Together we can create images that capture the essence of you and your brand. Images that tell your audience who you are and what you are about. Images that promote connection and conversion. Photographs that can change the course of your business.


What do Brand Photography images look like?

What does a Brand Narrative Session include?

Branding Strategy Session

We will dive into your business & brand, with in depth and thoughtful questions. The more I understand you, what you create, and who your clients are, the better images we end up with.

Planning Consultation

We'll talk about everything from props & locations, to colors & clothing. This is where the creative process really takes off as we brainstorm everything for your session!

Commercial License

Proper licensing is so important for your business! One simple commercial license means that you can use the images from your session all across your business, worry free.

and, of course, a curated collection of your images!

okay, but what are Brand Narratives?

Brand Narratives are the strategic themes, narratives, and connections that we highlight with images. The Brand Narrative approach means that we look at your brand, your clients, your marketing, and figure out what stories to tell, and how to tell them. It’s also a more comprehensive way to approach images compared to just outfit changes or location changes, especially because the outfits & locations will be such an important part of each Brand Narrative.

To illustrate this concept better, here’s an example of how I might build a strategic brand narrative for myself:

One of the things I love to share on social media is my dog, Ollie. Let’s be honest, my IG is basically his modeling portfolio… ;)

I refer to him as my CFO - Chief Furry Officer, and it is a great connection point with my audience because a lot of them are working from home with their furry friends as well. Even if they aren't, who doesn’t love a cute dog full of sass?

If I were to tell the story of Ollie as one of my brand narratives, I could plan to show us walking in our neighborhood, him begging for part of my lunch in my studio or in my kitchen; we could even hang out in my living room working on his tricks with treats.

Ollie's 2018 top nine now that he has his own Instagram #influencer

In a Brand Narrative session based on this concept, I could have at least three outfit changes, and highlight three or more different locations. This would still be considered one Brand Narrative, because it’s one connection point to my audience. It's one theme in my business.

But because we have so many different ways to approach this theme, we can build a bank of images to use all across the brand, all relating back to my little furball. That one narrative has so many uses and can create so many images.

How I would use those photographs:

Images from this Brand Narrative could be on my about page on my website, in blog posts where I talk about working from home, and any posts on social media where I talk about taking walks as part of my daily life, my mental health maintenance, or my creative routine.

A few candids of Ollie & I together would be perfect for a #fridayintroductions post or even as the image next to my introduction in a pdf or email that I send to new clients. The options are endless.

As you can see, each Brand Narrative is a strategic and flexible way to capture images that will actually work for you & your business.

What does the strategic Brand Photography process look like?

It looks like collaboration, creativity, & a lot of laughter!

Step One

First, we’ll chat all about your brand. The best results will come from deeply understanding your brand values, your customers, and how you run your business. We’ll also discuss aesthetics. What does your brand already look & feel like? What are you and your clients visually drawn to? This brainstorming is such a fun part of the process!

Step Two

Secondly, we’ll select & plan the images that you need. By understanding your brand strategy & visual goals you have, we’ll be able to organize our ideas for the session! If we are collaborating on strategy as well as photography, we’ll plan out each of the stories together, discussing props, colors, wardrobe, & locations.

Step Three

Third, it’s time for your shoot! This is where the magic happens! All of the planning, ideas, and concepts will come together into images. We’ll work through the stories we have planned and create images that you will be so excited to use.

Step Four

Finally, image delivery! One week after your shoot I will deliver your full gallery of edited, complete images, ready for you to use in your business!


All packages include your full image gallery & the commercial license for image use.
Travel rates & Ongoing Package rates are available upon request.

Sessions begin at



How many images do I get?

All of them!

Each Brand Narrative will be delivered as a curated set of images, handpicked to tell that narrative. This can range from 12 to 20 images, depending on how many images are needed to tell the story completely & how you plan to use the images in your business. You can think of these curated collections as my favorites for you, based on the strategy and goals we covered before the session.

But you never know what will come up in business, so all of the deliverable images from the session are yours. I will cull out the test shots, the duplicates, the ones with awkward expressions or closed eyes, etc -- all the images you would discard yourself! -- and the rest are yours, delivered alongside your curated narrative collections.

Ready to find out which package is right for your business?
Let's hop on a call and chat about what you need.

Got questions? I have answers!

Do you edit the photos?

I do what I call a "soft edit" on all deliverable images. This means they are properly adjusted for light, contrast, & color, so that they are a clean, cohesive set of images that are ready for use as is. This type of edit also creates a nice foundation for any filters or presets that you like to use on your brand images.

I also offer a very gentle overall skin edit that most clients love. You can see examples of how I edit on my photos above, or on my instagram. It doesn’t fully remove blemishes or scars, but it does smooth the skin out a little to make those things less distracting. You can always opt to skip this editing step if you wish, many of my clients do.

If you are looking for a more extensive edit, please let me know.

What does the commercial license cover?

These images are yours to use in your business, almost without restriction. Want to add a filter? Post without credit? Put them on your website? Use it as an ebook cover? Do it!

This commercial license also means there are no additional fees or restrictions on impressions. So when a brilliant instagram post of yours goes viral I’ll be there cheering you on, not invoicing you for the extra eyeballs you've added to your audience.

The only usage not covered by this commercial use license is reselling the images as a product themselves. If you want to capture images for a stock photo library, to sell as art prints or on other items where the photo is the majority of the product, please contact me! We can absolutely discuss custom pricing for a license for that use.

Do you photograph standard business headshots, regular brand photo sessions, or branded event?

I'd love to partner with you to create images for your business! There are so many containers that we can work in, so please reach out to me and let me know what kind of session you are looking for. We can chat through the particulars and see if I am the right photographer to assist you!

I'm ready! What do I do next?

I’d love to hop on a call with you and discuss how I can help you create some beautiful brand photography! This 20 minute call helps us to check out chemistry and make sure that any questions you have are answered, from there we can book your spot and get started!

Ready to go? Reach out to me and we'll get started!