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engaging & genuine headshots to represent you in your brand

An authentic branded portrait makes a statement

If you are in business, you need a headshot. From social media profile pictures, to email signature images, to about page photos, we need portraits of ourselves to use across our businesses.

Headshots are a powerful place to implement branding. A cohesive set of business portraits allows you to communicate to anyone who sees them about your brand's personality. A great photo builds trust, shows professionalism, and builds confidence.

I love working with clients to create powerful headshots for their brand.


What do branded headshots look like?

Branded headshots are built around your brand values and colors. This allows us to plan the feeling of the images before we create them. Different locations and outfits can give different outcomes, which we can play with to create a mix of images that work together but are also varied so they can be used in different ways.

This is a sampling of images from a client who's primary brand color is a burnt orange and who's brand is personable, approachable, and kind. This client's brand also has different branches, requiring more images to choose from.



The Branded Headshots package includes one 20 to 30 minute session
In your home, office, or at the location of your choosing
A full proof gallery will be provides so that you can select the images you wish to use

Branded Headshots

includes 2 fully edited images!

Branded Headshots

includes all of your images!


How many images do I get?

The Branded Headshots Full package includes all of your images!

You never know what will come up in business, so all of the deliverable images from the session are available to you. I will cull out the test shots, the duplicates, the ones with awkward expressions or closed eyes, etc -- all the images you would discard yourself! -- and the rest are delivered in the proofing gallery for you.

The Branded Headshots Mini package includes two final images.

Ready to get started with your Brand Headshots?

I am so happy with the outcome


I really hate getting my picture taken and Laura was amazing! I was one step away from a panic attack during my shoot and still, she got some fabulous shots despite my anxiety.

Laura's personality is like a bright sunflower -- she was so grounded, encouraging and positive and she put me at ease (well as much as possible for me) during the shoot. I so appreciate that she had a strategy and vision, so that when it was time to update the photos on my website, the photos fit like puzzle pieces on each page! And also just the quality of the images is stellar and so much better than my old pictures from a prior photographer.

I am so happy with the outcome and I can't recommend Laura enough! Especially if you don't enjoy getting your picture taken!

Addie McHale CFP®
certified financial planner

Got questions? I have answers!

What is the flow of the session?

I'll send some information when you book that will help you as you select your location & outfit. We'll handle the paperwork, such as the contract, invoice, and photo release. Once we have worked out these details, we will book your session! Then we will meet, create your photographs, and you'll have your proof gallery one week after your session.

Do you edit the photos?

I do what I call a "soft edit" on all deliverable images. This means they are properly adjusted for light, contrast, & color, so that they are a clean, cohesive set of images that are ready for use as is. This type of edit also creates a nice foundation for any filters or presets that you like to use on your brand images.

I also offer a very gentle overall skin edit that most clients love. You can see examples of how I edit on my photos above, or on my instagram. It doesn’t fully remove blemishes or scars, but it does smooth the skin out a little to make those things less distracting. You can always opt to skip this editing step if you wish, many of my clients do.

If you are looking for a more extensive edit, please let me know.

Can you photograph me interacting with a client or working behind the scenes in my business?

I love this type of photography and it is exactly what I do for clients in my brand photography packages! These images are great for social media, for your website, and for any other marketing needs that you might have {Podcast graphics, rack cards or flyers, Facebook ads, etc}

I would love to partner with you to create incredible images showing the behind the scenes of your business and telling the story of the work that you do! Those sessions can easily include Branded Headshot images as well, so if you are looking for both styles of photography, just let me know!

Do you photograph events, do group headshots, or other types of sessions?

I'd love to partner with you to create images for your business! There are so many containers that we can work in, so please reach out to me and let me know what kind of session you are looking for. We can chat through the particulars and see if I am the right photographer to assist you!

Ready to go? Reach out to me and we'll get started!