strategic website photography

on brand photographs specifically created to support your website's goals & design

Photography is a crucial piece of strategic website design.

Not all photographs work well as design elements on websites. Effective website photography is flexible, strategic, & created to complement your website’s design. Traditional headshots or portraits are often difficult to use for anything but your about page photo.

The best way to have images that work for your website is to have photographs taken with your website in mind.

With your website strategy, brand standards, and overall aesthetics of your design in mind we will create photos to fit your website’s specific needs. We can work together to create images to update your current site or to create images for a site that is a work in progress.


What do website photography images look like?

This is a sampling of images that I created for a client who was starting a podcast. We wanted to highlight her brand colors, her joy + passion for the podcast, and the experience of podcasting in her home library.

This sample gallery shows the types of images we created for use on her website. From banner photos to images used on graphics, and even the image she used for her podcast icon! With the images from this session she launched without using a single stock image.

What does a Website Photography Session include?

Branding Discovery

We will dive into your business & brand, with in depth and thoughtful questions. The more I understand you, what you create, and who your clients are, the better images we end up with.

Planning Consultation

We'll talk what images you need for your website, where they will be located, and how they need to work to support the design. Then we'll talk about props, clothing, & locations. This is where the creative process really takes off as we brainstorm everything for your session!

Commercial License

Proper licensing is so important for your business! One simple commercial license means that you can use the images from your session on your website & in your business, worry free.

and, of course, your Website Photography images!


All packages include a full proof gallery so that you can select the images that will work best for your website.

Website Photography

10 to 15 final images
upgrade to include all images for $275



How many images do I get?

The Website Photography package includes 10 to 15 images, but you can purchase all of the images if you wish!

You never know what will come up in business, so all of the deliverable images from the session are available to you. I will cull out the test shots, the duplicates, the ones with awkward expressions or closed eyes, etc -- all the images you would discard yourself! -- and the rest are delivered in the proofing gallery for you. You can choose to purchase individual images or purchase the entire gallery for $275!

Ready to get started with Website Photography?

Got questions? I have answers!

Do you edit the photos?

I do what I call a "soft edit" on all deliverable images. This means they are properly adjusted for light, contrast, & color, so that they are a clean, cohesive set of images that are ready for use as is. This type of edit also creates a nice foundation for any filters or presets that you like to use on your brand images.

I also offer a very gentle overall skin edit that most clients love. You can see examples of how I edit on my photos above, or on my instagram. It doesn’t fully remove blemishes or scars, but it does smooth the skin out a little to make those things less distracting. You can always opt to skip this editing step if you wish, many of my clients do.

If you are looking for a more extensive edit, please let me know.

What does the commercial license cover?

These images are yours to use in your business, almost without restriction. Want to add a filter? Post without credit? Put them on your website? Use it as an ebook cover? Do it!

This commercial license also means there are no additional fees or restrictions on impressions. So when a brilliant blog post of yours goes viral I’ll be there cheering you on, not invoicing you for the extra eyeballs you've added to your audience.

The only usage not covered by this commercial use license is reselling the images as a product themselves. If you want to capture images for a stock photo library, to sell as art prints or on other items where the photo is the majority of the product, please contact me! We can absolutely discuss custom pricing for a license for that use.

Do you photograph standard business headshots, regular brand photo sessions, or branded event?

I'd love to partner with you to create images for your business! There are so many containers that we can work in, so please reach out to me and let me know what kind of session you are looking for. We can chat through the particulars and see if I am the right photographer to assist you!

I'm ready! What do I do next?

I’d love to hop on a call with you and discuss how I can help you create some beautiful website photography! This 20 minute call helps us to check out chemistry and make sure that any questions you have are answered, from there we can book your spot and get started!

Ready to go? Reach out to me and we'll get started!