strategy sessions

creative coaching to help you plan, structure, & heartstorm your next business move

Sometimes you just need to talk things out, ask your questions, express your fears, and get some quality feedback.

But not everyone is qualified to be a sounding board for your creative ideas. Your best friend might not really understand your audience. Your family might not be able to see your long term vision. And Facebook discussions can only take you so far. And what then?

Ready to brainstorm & heartstorm creative solutions that are specific to you? Do you need to talk through your process with someone who understands the way you work? Do you need some feedback on how to integrate the idea & the tech to create a process that feels good to both you & your clients? I can help.

I’ll bring all my brand & design experience, you bring your heart & ideas!

I have tackled many topics with clients in these sessions! We have taken ideas from a musing to a structured, on brand offering that fits perfectly into your current service line up. We’ve talked through structuring new website sections, online courses, maximizing the impact of print collateral, and creative ways to express yourself to your audience.

Talking through your ideas with someone who gets your brand, your audience, your business, and you is priceless. Strategy Sessions provide creative brainstorming space, thoughtful solutions, and clearly structured next steps that you can use to bring your next phase of business to life.

What does a Strategy Session include?

Prep Questionnaire

Giving me a quick run down of where you are, what you are thinking about, and what your long term goals are helps me arrive prepared to dive in. If this is our first time working together your questionnaire will also cover the basics of your business & brand!

Strategic Resources

In addition to your session, you'll get access to any resources from my library & referrals from my network that make sense for you. You'll also receive the recording of your session & a follow up email with my notes!

Session Time

Strategy Sessions are an hour set aside to work into the details of whatever you are thinking about! So bring questions, concerns, & your creativity!


All Strategy Sessions include a prep questionnaire, a 90 minute video call, a follow up email, recording of your call, & any resources or referrals I have that will be useful for you!

Wondering if our creative chemistry is right for a strategy session?
We can always hop on a call and chat about what you need.

amazing and so intuitive


I had a strategy session with Laura about the business I am launching, and she really helped me crystalize the vision for my business. She asked really great questions about the nature of my business and my goals as well as my style.

Then she came up with an amazing branding theme that will effectively apply to both visuals and verbiage, for the presentation of my products and services. She gave me clarity and helped me identify the best way to present my business ideas.

She is amazing and so intuitive! I recommend working with her to create clarity in your current strategy and/or to help your business evolve in new directions!

Kristi Backman
artist & art coach

Got questions? I have answers!

What are we going to do on the call?

Brainstorm. Problem solve. Talk details. Laugh.

Each session is unique because each client & their business is unique! But I can say that we'll dig into whatever question or puzzle you bring and we'll find clarity together! :)

What kind of topics can we talk about?

I have had clients use these sessions for all types of topics including: brand strategy, image strategy, understanding your demographics, naming new offers, technical process for onboarding or offboarding clients, website design changes, client experience of a website, SEO strategy, and so much more.

That said, my focus & strength is in branding, design, & photography. Additionally I’ve got a knack for systems, process, and organization.

There are things that I am not a good fit for and that includes things like: Google or Facebook ad strategy, legal advice, financial advice, etc.

Can I purchase multiple sessions?

Absolutely! While Strategy Sessions are designed to be one off sessions, ongoing creative support is something I'd love to chat with you about! Just reach out to me!

I'm ready! What do I do next?

You can schedule your Strategy Session any time!
If you have questions, you can always send me a message here.

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